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I happened upon a journal I was using last summer during my motorhome trip through Oregon and my drive across the country with Wende. I wanted to write this down.

because it's only from a plane that you gain
a true sense of the immensity of the earth
we complain from our birth that
living in the present tense would be unfair
it's hard to remember that a rose is
not just a flower but the center
of a compass and in spite of our maps
and magnetic needles proclaiming
You Are Here in the middle of everything
we know this isn't so
we are the petals on the edge, more easily
moved by the breeze and even our
metaphors are only earth-skin deep
and that's okay
if that's the way that we see beauty then I'm
glad our earth has such a thick crust
because I'm not saying that we must
change our ways before we turn to
dust but just to see that there are depths
to the world we can't conceive
and slow dreams that our butterfly
lives can barely scent on the air
Merry Christmas, everyone :D


so I was looking at my friends page, and the thought lazily wandered into my brain that, hey, I've been updating my journal pretty well...I updated it only a few days ago...not that long at all...

this thought wandered in and out for a few seconds before another thought came charging in that said: But not entries people can SEE, you doofus. you're only been putting things up for your own benefit. no one can see anything.

so I looked back and, sure enough, I haven't actually updated (at least, in a way that is visible by other people) in a month. Which isn't that long, considering, but all the same, I felt an update was necessary.

(for those of you that might be curious, the updates I had been putting up for myself were things like recipes I wanted to try out and tutorials I wanted to try. stuff that, I was relatively certain, you guys wouldn't really be all that concerned with.
for those of you that weren't curious, well...too bad.)

In any case, I will admit, I don't lead the most exciting of lives, and I saw a number of you during Thanksgiving, so you all know I'm reasonably alive and sane. So rather than an update, this post will have a different purpose: to remind you guys that you rock.

You do. You really, really do. Y'all are the reason I come back to RP as often as I do.

And speaking of coming back to RP, my last (and only in-class) final is this Thursday, and then I'm outta there and back in RP (well, Windsor actually, but close enough) for the duration of winter break (which goes until the 3rd or the 4th, I think). So I hope to see everyone for nice, long, semi-relaxing periods of time. Perhaps with a Denny's trip, and probably quite a few nights where people play video games and I hang out reading or making cookies for people. Which is only fair, cause you all deserve them.

Cause. y'know. you rock, and all.

~love and hugs~

Howl's Moving Castle--Diana Wynne Jones (Ali)
Fables (graphic novel series)--Bill Willingham (Ali)
Red Mars, Green Mars, Blue Mars--Kim Stanley Robinson (Owen)
Titus Groan, Gormenghast, Titus Alone--Mervin Peake (Owen)
The rest of the Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica series--James Owen (Mike)
Soulless--Gail Carriger
Boneshaker--Cherie Priest
whatever books I've missed in the Artemis Fowl series--Eoin Colfer
Sherlock Holmes--Sir Arthur Conan O'Doyle
Indigo Springs--A.M. Dellamonica

Good Omens--Neil Gaiman
Heir of Sevenwaters--Juliet Marillier

Song of the Lioness series and Immortals series--Tamora Pierce
The Dark is Rising series--Susan Cooper
The Hungry City Chronicles series--Phillip Reeve

I have such a bad habit of being told great books, wonderful books, that I must read, only to completely forget what the fabulous recommendation was. Hence the above list.
If anyone has any other recommendations, let me know :D Not to mention I'm sure I'll be editing this once I remember more.

Hope everyone's doin' shiny (>^.^)> lurve to all.


Oct. 19th, 2009

5:00 PM Friday night til 1:00 AM Monday morning = the best weekend I've had in a good long while.

seriously, guys. you're filled with win and I'm really glad I know you all. this weekend kicked ass.
<3 <3 <3
I made steak fries. This fills me with :D

I have two essays due tomorrow. This fills me with D:

packing fun

yeah, I know I'm procrastinating. So sue me.Collapse )

In other news, I'm leaving on Monday. Tim, my mom, and my stepdad are helping me move down. I'm gonna miss being around...
However, I'll be back the weekend of the 5th and 6th (not sure what day, but definitely by Sunday) and then...Highland Games and Svie's birthday!!! Yaaaayyyy!
Santa Cruz, here I come...


intrepid travelers

Greetings from Colorado! and later today, from Kansas!

Hope all is going well with everyone <3

the craziness of the traveling girly

Herein lies my schedule for the rest of the summer (mostly for my reference, but also for you folks as well):
Today: possibly do laundry; make lots of phone calls; work 5-close.

Tomorrow: meet Mom at 11:30 for food/pants shopping; work 4-close; meet Wende after to discuss trip details.

Thursday: Hair appointment in Windsor at 11:15 (getting hair cut and purple streaks put in--Wende's been bugging me for years to get my hair in a pixie cut, and now she wants color in it too. She's moving and I don't know when I'll see her next, so I figured, why the hell not?). Going up to the property after that; possibly going to the lake after that. Will be back that night.

Friday: Leave at seven or so to drive down to UCSC for orientation. I don't know how long it'll take, but I figure I'll be back by eight at the latest. On a side note: Jocey's coming up as well. Must pack like crazy that night.
And now here's where the real insanity begins...

Saturday: Jocey and I leave to go to the property where, if all things go according to plan (they rarely do), we will leave with Dad, Aimee, and Dakota to go on a motorhome trip. We're heading north into Oregon, checking out hot springs and waterfalls and cheese factories and the like (Dakota's favorite is the World's Largest Frying Pan); then we'll head inland and curve back around south through Nevada and head home...except...

August 2nd: While on our way back, we'll meet up with my sister somewhere in Reno or Carson City and my dad will slow down enough to toss me (and my stuff) out the side door and into my sister's car. Wende and I will then drive her very small car across the country to New York, where she will be attending law school.

August 10th: We will hopefully arrive in New York; then run around trying to move stuff in and make emergency trips to Bed Bath and Beyond for sheets that we will have probably lost somewhere around Kansas. This is assuming that my sister and I both make it to New York; knowing the two of us, we will either be the best of friends by the end of this trip...or Wende will be putting her new lawyer skills to work very very quickly.

August 11th or 12th: I assume my sister will boot me out eventually so I can fly home, though no one has given me a specific date. But I better be coming home soon--not just cause I'll miss you guys (though by that point a lot of you will be getting ready to go to school/gone to school already), but also because I'll need to spend...

Whenever I get home-- August 31st: Getting all my shit together and finding a place to live in Santa Cruz, so that come September, I can move there. I might still be working at Daphne's for those last 2-3 weeks, but I'm not sure. And I'll hopefully do some kind of get-together so I can say bye to peoples.

So there you have it. It's long, it's insane, it's filled with way too many possibilities of death by frying pan. Again, this is more for my reference than y'all, but I also thought you'd like the warning: I have not fallen off the face of the earth; I have not been eaten by wolves. I'll be back.
I promise.

Please please please call me, even if you think I'm busy...I still like hearing from people.
~lurve and head-scratchies and all that jazz~

to whom it my concern

haircut get. the back of my neck's all fuzzy now :DDD

also, I want a cat.
hopefully I can find a place to live in Santa Cruz that is both under 600 dollars and will let me have a cat.